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ClickCease by CHEQ protects Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and WordPress websites against fake traffic, using cutting-edge technology, to help marketers and agencies avoid money waste and relying on accurate data for decision-making.
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How it was all started

In 2014, click fraud was already a big issue that affected every Google ads campaign. However, the phenomenon was only known to some Google ads advertisers.

At that point in time, there were several companies who offered click fraud detection service. But none of those were able to take action and to offer click fraud protection.

Yuval Haimov, the founder of Clickcease, came across this issue when a locksmith friend told him about his competition “clicking on his ads and depleting his advertising budget”.

Yuval’s Innovative approach allowed him to not only detect click fraud but to also block it automatically.

From that point, Yuval joined forces with Ilan Missulawin and, voilà, ClickCease was born.

Acquired by Cheq in 2020, Clickcease has become the synonym for click fraud protection and has dominated the market by constantly improving its detection system and blocking capabilities.

ClickCease in 2014
ClickCease in 2020

CHEQ acquisition

Since CHEQ’s acquisition of ClickCease in late 2020 the product grew from protecting 20,000 websites to 57,000 websites in two years. In addition, while under CHEQ’s umbrella, the ClickCease brand created two new products: Facebook (Meta for Business ads) protection, and Bot Zapping website protection for Wordpress.

The future

We’re now protecting clients from 106 different countries worldwide, and protecting over 350 million dollars in monthly ad budget just on Google Ads alone

As a CHEQ company, we are a part of a big mission: to fight the fake web and keep helping more marketers eliminate the loss across all go-to-market channels.

2020+ ClickCease
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