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Make money by saving money for other people with the ClickCease™ affiliate program!
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With just a few details and 1 minute of your time you could be a ClickCease™ affiliate.

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Place official banners and links on any blog post, website, or email.

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Get 25% monthly commission for the first two years, for each paying customer that came via your link.

“ClickCease is an easy-to promote ad protection software with a great recurring affiliate program. Everyone is making money with ClickCease, who are saving budgets by blocking fraudulent bots.”

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Laura Hera,

“The ClickCease affiliate program is a great way to promote a fundamental better tool than Google is delivering itself. It contributes to a better and more fair eco-system for advertisers.”

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Perfect For

Affiliate Marketers

Drive traffic to our website from advertising campaigns and track performance using our advanced control panel reports.

Website Owners

Make use of our banners and marketing material and start converting your traffic into sales.

Family and Friends

Know someone who is suffering from click fraud? Give them your referral link and make money when they use ClickCease.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the ClickCease Affiliates program?

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Affiliate marketing with ClickCease is a way for affiliates to earn commission by promoting ClickCease through a shareable link. New paying customers who you refer will be assigned to your account and payments will be sent directly to your PayPal account. Want to become a ClickCease Affiliate? Join now!

How does it work?

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Once your application has been approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to ClickCease’s marketing assets. Simply place your banners/videos in your website, blog or any other platform you use. Every time you bring a new customer you will earn a 25% monthly commission for the first two years. 

How do I join the ClickCease affiliate program?

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To become a ClickCease Affiliate, simply complete the sign up form. Once you have completed the form, you can login and start bringing in customers.

How much can I earn as a ClickCease affiliate?

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The sky's the limit! The more customers you bring, the more money you’ll make.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

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Yes, we pay our affiliates once their commission balance reaches $100.

How Do I Get Paid?

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On the 2nd of each month, if you have reached your threshold, you will receive a notification in your dashboard. As long as your payment information is updated you can generate an invoice and send us a payment request through the system. If you are a registered company, you will need to upload your company’s invoice. 

How often are commissions paid?

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Commissions are paid once a month upon receiving your invoice. Payments are made on a net 30 basis, which starts at the beginning of the following month.For example: invoices for January are paid in the first week of March.

How do I promote ClickCease?

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You can promote ClickCease on different platforms – blogs and websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails, podcasts and the list goes on.
You can promote ClickCease on social media, write about ClickCease on blogs and articles,  place ClickCease logos & banners on websites and send your affiliate link to email subscribers.
As a ClickCease Affiliate you get customized shareable links and a variety of effective marketing assets. Just place them anywhere online and refer traffic to ClickCease’s landing page.

Can I use paid ads to promote ClickCease?

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You can’t use paid ads (such as Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.) to drive traffic to ClickCease directly. However, you can use paid ads to drive traffic to your own platform, and from there to ClickCease.
Also, you can’t use the ClickCease brand name or the word click fraud on your paid ads.

What is the Cookie duration?

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The cookie duration is 30 days from the first click.

How can I see my conversions and payouts?

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Each affiliate gets a dedicated dashboard where you will be able to see all related data about your conversions and commission, down to the individual clicks on your link.

What can’t I do?

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Don’t use your affiliate link on coupon or discount websites.
Don’t falsely advertise ClickCease in any manner.
Don’t modify the ClickCease logo or banners.
Don’t use your affiliate link for your own registration.
Don’t offer unofficial discounts or coupon codes.


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