How ClickCease saved a healthcare business $500,000+ by preventing click fraud

Cleaner traffic
Clicks saved
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Key Results

Cleaner traffic
clicks saved


Corkboard Concepts is a digital marketing agency that is data centric.
They had been tasked with managing the marketing for a newly established Omaha-based health supplier.
The goal was to target US only audience using Google Ads search, Display Network and YouTube campaigns.

With an average daily budget of $20,000, the team quickly delivered a 300% return on ad spend. However, analyzing the market conditions, the team felt that there was potential for more effective delivery.

“We knew that a 3x ROAS is a solid multiplier for most campaigns. But with the current market factors, we knew that the budget could go further”,
said Jordan Atchison, CMO of Corkboard Concepts.

The anticipation was that running ClickCease on the medical firms paid search campaigns would save an additional 10%.  The results that they saw were beyond what even they expected.

The Corkboard team

corkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark teamcorkboark team

The solution

“Results were noticeable from the outset”, notes Jordan. In fact, the effects of blocking fraudulent clicks during a 45 day period, between mid December 2020 and late January 2021, surprised even the team at Corkboard Concepts:

233,499 clicks blocked
179,488 IP addresses blocked
17% decrease in bounce rate
27% increase in session duration

Corkboard's 45 days of fraud blocking using ClickCease

Clicks blocked
IP addresses blocked
Cleaner Traffic
increase in session duration

Overall, the metrics show that ClickCease helped to filter out 27% of all clicks as fraudulent. Way above the 10% that was originally forecast.

Final remarks

The budget in Google Ads went up over 400%. But the cost per conversion dropped by more than 41.5% and the click through rate dropped by just over 21%.

Add to this the 18% increase in conversion rate, and it’s clear that blocking click fraud made a huge difference to the performance of this clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

As Jordan from Corkboard Concepts notes, “With well-focused optimization, higher quality score and lower CPC’s, CPA had still reduced, exponentially so. Cleaner traffic and ad spend was one of the most significant factors in generating that level of ongoing reduction in acquisition cost.”

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