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Getting Started

What is ClickCease

ClickCease is a software service which blocks invalid traffic, or non-genuine clicks, on your paid ad campaigns. By blocking invalid traffic, marketers prevent bots, click farms and other non-converting traffic from spending their ad budget.
By reducing invalid traffic, marketers can benefit from more efficient PPC campaigns, more effective retargeting and remarketing, and cleaner analytics.

How can I get started with ClickCease?

When you sign up you’ll receive instructions to walk you through setup.
This takes just a few minutes and is simple enough that even the non-technical minded will be up and running in no time!

I signed up for a trial but didn’t get set up in time… Now what?

We know how things can be sometimes. You wanted to check out our service but didn’t get started within 7 days - no problem. Just reach out to our team and they will help you get set up for another 7 days.

What happens if I have a problem?

ClickCease offers 24/7 online support, so if you ever have a problem you can just reach out. From getting set up or optimizing your fraud blocking, to payment details or adding new clients, we aim to answer all queries as quickly as possible.

Plans & Payment

What happens if I exceed the limits on my plan?

We know web traffic, and we know some months you’ll probably go over your limit. No problem.
If it happens more often then we might suggest you upgrade your plan. Don’t worry, we will never upgrade you without notifying you first.

What other fees do I need to pay?

There are no hidden fees or ‘premium upgrade’ extras. Your monthly fee includes everything you’ll need to block invalid traffic straight away.

How do I make payment?

When you sign up for your free trial we will take your payment details. Once your trial ends, you are automatically moved onto your chosen subscription level, unless you cancel first. Payment is then taken automatically on your billing date each month, until cancelled.
You can pay by credit cards.

ClickCease isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

We offer a 7 day free trial so you can check out our software on your site. You can cancel any time before your billing date, no questions asked. Unfortunately we cannot provide any refunds for completed or part completed months.

How long do I need to commit?

Our monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. Just cancel your subscription before your next bill date - no questions asked.


Which ad platforms does ClickCease work on?

At the moment our software blocks invalid traffic on Google Ads (Adwords), Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, Gmail, Facebook Ads, Facebook Audience Network, Instagram Ads, Facebook Messenger Ads and Bing Ads aka Microsoft Ads.
We are working on adding more ad platforms to this list! Stay tuned for more information

How can I be sure you’re not blocking real customers?

We use the industry leading click fraud blocklist, which is regularly updated with known sources of click fraud. This includes bots, click farms and other sneaky clickers.
Our software also blocks clicks using a number of AI processes. As a result, we will often block clicks using VPNs or clicks outside of your geo-targeted range.
ClickCease uses industry specific fraud blocking settings, which take into account different user behaviour and industry nuances. But our dashboard also gives you control over your settings so you can adjust as you want.

How does your fraud blocking software work?

To make ClickCease work on your website(s), you’ll need to install the tracking code. This can easily be done in just a few minutes on most content management systems, or custom websites.

Our ‘double layer’ fraud blocking is designed to prevent clicks from different sources.
1. HTML code on your site
2. Connecting to your Google Ads/Facebook Ads dashboard

This allows us to analyse your traffic and update your IP or audience exclusion list automatically.

Can I adjust my click fraud blocking?

Yes. We give you hands on control over factors such as click thresholds, devices and locations to block and much more.
It’s strongly recommended that you use our default settings and let the software algorithms adjust to your campaigns.

Which ad formats do you protect?

ClickCease blocks invalid clicks and impressions on paid search ads (e.g; Google text ads), display ads - or banner ads. We also block fake impressions on Instagram Ads, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

Do you support secure browsing?

Yes. Our click fraud blocking fully supports HTTPS browsing.

How many landing pages can I protect with ClickCease?

We offer protection for unlimited landing pages on all ClickCease packages.

Does ClickCease work with MCC/Google Ads Manager?

Yes. If you use Ads Manager (previously My Client Centre/MCC) you can easily add ClickCease to monitor and block invalid traffic on all your campaigns.

How fast is your click blocking?

Most of our click fraud blocking is done in real time, under 3 seconds. Some clicks are sent to you to check and block. For these clicks identified as fraud, you’ll receive a report which you can submit to Google.

When can you put in a Google Ads refund claim?

Google allows you to put in claims for invalid traffic once every 60 days. We can present all the information you need for clicks that were not blocked. You can then present this to Google to claim back your money.
Unfortunately, Google no longer allows third parties to process claims for others. So you will need to submit your own refund claim.

Click fraud fundamentals

What is the difference between ad fraud and click fraud?

Click fraud refers to any non-genuine and malicious click on your paid ads. This can include people intentionally clicking your ads such as brand haters, or competitors, or accidental clicks from poorly placed banners.
Ad fraud is a more organised form of click fraud, where a publisher will maximise the amount of fake clicks often using bots or click farms. These ad fraud campaigns are usually designed to commit fraud on a bigger scale, often taking millions of dollars during their lifespan.
Together, these forms of invalid traffic cost the global marketing industry over $35 billion every year.

Doesn’t Google prevent click fraud?

Yes, Google does have processes in place to prevent invalid clicks and traffic. However, most marketers feel that they don’t do enough, and in fact they even under-report the true amount of click fraud out there.
Google uses different parameters to define and block invalid traffic, which accounts for the difference. They also have a lower threshold for repeat clicks and measure clicks from the same IP addresses individually.


I run an agency with multiple clients, can I block IVT on all their campaigns?

Yes. Get in touch with our team and ask about our advanced plan. Pricing is based on how many clients and campaigns you are running.

As an agency, do all my clients need a ClickCease subscription?

No. We give you the code to insert on the website, so as long as you can add the HTML to a site we can monitor and block the bad traffic.

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