40% of internet traffic is from bots. Keep them off your website.

With ClickCease Bot Zapping, you can now:
  • Eliminate bots slowing down your site.
  • Get a better understanding of your marketing
  • Prevent fraud checkouts.
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Protect your WordPress website
from harmful bot traffic

Get a clear picture of your marketing analytics for the first time

No more fraud checkouts on your eCommerce store

Get only genuine customers to your website

Stop spambots from commenting on your blog posts

ClickCease - most effective ad protection software

How does it work?

Bot Zapping is 24/7 detection and protection for your WordPress website. Our unique solution identifies and prevents bots from entering and interacting with your website by sending them to a 403 unauthorised page instead.

With over a thousand detection tests and evaluations, ClickCease makes sure to only block bot traffic so you can focus your website performance and marketing efforts on genuine customers only.

Set-up in seconds

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WordPress plugin

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authentication keys

Instantly block invalid
users in real-time

ClickCease automatically blocks invalid traffic from clicking on your Google ads and seeing your Facebook Ads in real-time

Blocking bots is essential.

Bots are giving you an inaccurate understanding of your conversion rates, wasting your team’s time and resources on follow-ups, and stopping you from focusing on REAL potential customers.
With ClickCease, you can now block them.

Start from as low as $55/month

Works with all

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WordPress builders and plugins, including:

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Running paid ads?

Advertising on Google, Microsoft ads (Bing) or Meta (Facebook) ads? Get complete protection with ClickCease

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