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There are over 350 million fake profiles on Facebook & Instagram. Make sure your ads are displayed to genuine customers only.

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Block fake accounts, save your ad budget for genuine visitors

24/7 traffic monitoring

With 30+ analytical data points, our software can determine whether a user is real or fake in real time. 

Auto-exclude fake users

Excluding fake accounts allows you to target more genuine users, and get more conversions

Protect all your Facebook Ad placements

Fraudulent visitors are blocked across all your campaigns regardless of device, platform or browser being used.

Reach genuine audiences on Facebook Ads, no matter which platform

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Block fake profiles and eliminate money wasting fake clicks and impressions on Facebook Ads

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Get only real ad impressions and clicks on your Instagram stories, reels and posts.

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Save your ad spend by blocking fake impressions on your Facebook messenger ads.

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Audience network

No more audience network ad fraud when blocking bots and click farms automatically

Safe ads in minutes

Facebook account

Select your Facebook Account

Facebook pixel

Link the pixel you wish to monitor

Facebook invalid audience

Automatically exclude invalid audiences

Unbeatable insight into visitor behavior

Analyze every visit

Breakdown more than 30+ data points that you won’t get on Facebook. See device type, OS used, location and more.

Visitor session recordings

Watch replays of visitor activity on your site, helping you distinguish between human vs bot behaviours while making informed user experience decisions

We keep it real

ClickCease goes the extra mile to make sure no genuine customers get blocked. With our custom features, extensive blacklist of known fraud sources and our constantly learning AI software, ClickCease gives you the best opportunity to reduce your CPA.

ClickCease gives you the best opportunity to reduce your CPA

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ClickCease is trusted by to brandsClickCease is trusted by to brands

Don't settle for ordinary protection

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Real-time blocking
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Real-Time blocking refers to how quickly a fraudulent IP is detected and added to the exclusion list

Under 3 Seconds
Exclude VPN traffic 
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Block any IP that is using a VPN or proxy

Click detectionthreshold
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Set how many times an individual IP can click on your paid ads before being automatically blocked.

Industry-based data
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Set up your detection settings with industry suggestions, making sure your business is in line with the protection it needs

Visitors Analytics
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Total transparency about each click. Know exactly where the click came from. How they clicked and when it occured.

Fraudulent behavior
session recordings
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See visitor mouse movements - we use this data in order to detect and block fraud.

All Sessions recorded


ClickCease is committed to protecting your data and respecting your privacy

The leading click fraud protection software

Over 2,000,000 campaigns worldwide are protected by ClickCease

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